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OpenID Connect

IIW Meeting Room at the Computer History Museum
Picture of the meeting venue at the Computer History Museum
taken before the show started.


When I attended the last Internet Identity workshop in Mountain View, California Justin Richer gave an OpenID Connect tutorial. I decided to record it since it could be useful for others as well. While my camera ran out of power half-way through the tutorial I believe Justin got the core idea across (and most of the discussion that followed afterwards got skipped).

Anyway, here are the two videos:

OpenID Connect Tutorial (1/2)

OpenID Connect Tutorial (2/2)

More info about OpenID Connect can be found at http://openid.net/connect/.

Internet Identity Workshop
Unconferences, like the IIW, require re-creating
a new agenda every day. A wall with cards is used by
the participants to arrange a satisfactory schedule. 

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