Diameter Interoperability Event

This week members of the IETF DIME working group are participating at a Diameter Interoperability Event. 13 companies are testing various Diameter specifications and exchange ideas how to improve RFC 3588 (the Diameter base document).

The meeting host has setup a webpage:  http://www.diameterinterop.com

and we also maintain a webpage to collect detailed information about the work we do: http://www.tschofenig.priv.at/twiki/bin/view/Dime/DiameterInterop2007

As a short summary:

  • RFC 3588 is fine; much better than the tests we did at the last interop (in April 2006); only a few new clarifications need to be added to the revision document
  • Diameter with SCTP support works fine and a number of companies implement SCTP support (7 out of 14 at this interop event).
  • TLS over TCP support is available but RFC 3588 lacks more details about the security checks that have to be performed. Certificate handling turns out to be difficult and time consuming.
  • TLS over SCTP support was only implemented (as a prototype) by a single company.
  • Election tests are very difficult to perform due to the timing problems.
  • Dynamic peer discovery is rarely implemented and people don’t see deployment need for them.  
  • A few Diameter EAP and Diameter NASREQ implementations are available.
  • We do not see a lot of Diameter Mobile IP (only 2) and the Diameter SIP application (zero!) implementations at the interop. There was also no interest in testing QoS specific extensions at the interop.
  • Diameter Credit Control offers a lot of flexibility that sometime causes problems when running the tests. The 3GPP Ro interface restricts the functionality by focusing on specific deployment cases only and that simplifies testing.  



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