Emergency Services Workshop 2007

Summoning police, fire department, ambulance or other emergency services in case of emergency is one of the fundamental and most-valued functions of the telephone. As telephone functionality moves from circuit-switched telephony to Internet telephony, its users rightfully expect that this core functionality will continue to work at least as well as is has for the older technology. New devices and services are being made available which could be used to make a request for help which are not traditional telephones, and users are increasingly expecting them to be used to place emergency calls. However, many of the technical advantages of Internet multimedia require re-thinking of the traditional emergency calling architecture. This challenge also offers an opportunity to improve the operation of emergency calling technology, while potentially lowering its cost and complexity.

The upcoming SDO emergency services coordination workshop will take place in Washington DC, USA, on the 10, 11 and 12 April 2007. As a meeting venue the Library of Congress, Members Room in the Jefferson Building was chosen.

Very soon more details about the workshop will be distributed via this webpage:

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