Diameter Quality of Service: New Documents available

New versions of the QoS documents are available as you have seen from the draft announcements. This post aims to show the relationship between the documents:


This document describes the Diameter QoS application.


This document contains QoS parameters taken from an NSIS working group document and placed into a separate document. We did this to (a) improve readability, (b) remove functionality that is not needed for the Diameter action and to (c) at the same time leverage existing work. Currently we assume that the same registry is used. The final decision depends on the policy for adding new parameters to the registry.

These QoS parameters are utilized by draft-ietf-dime-diameter-qos-00.txt, draft-korhonen-dime-qos-attributes-00.txt and by the corresponding RADIUS document.


This document defines the Extended-QoS-Filter-Rule in the spirit of the QoS-Filter-Rule. Unlike the draft-ietf-dime-diameter-qos-00.txt document it addresses scenarios where the updated QoS-Filter-Rule attribute is carried within other applications. It therefore only addresses a limited set of scenarios. One could compare the approach with the mobility documents.
This document also assumes that an extended version of the IPFilterRule attribute is available. Currently, the required extensions are described in draft-ietf-dime-diameter-qos-00.txt and “imported” into this document. There is ongoing work in the RADEXT working group to define a more powerful version of the IPFilterRule / NAS-Traffic-Rule, see http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-radext-filter-rules-02.txt

The DIME work will be aligned with the RADEXT working group with regard to this aspect since the newly defined attribute will be made available as described in the Diameter Compatibility section.


This document focuses on the “push” functionality that is poorly described in draft-ietf-dime-diameter-qos-00.txt.

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