SkypePrime and “SIP Payment”

I recently found a nice posting by Dan York about a new service offered by Skype, called SkypePrime. Please find the posting here:

“When you call someone who is a Skype Prime call provider, and you both have the new version of Skype, the provider can initiate what we call a “payment request”. That is, all calls start as free, but you can then switch to the paid calling, charging either by the minute or a one-off fixed fee. The call then proceeds as a paid Skype Prime call and your Skype Credit is deducted by the appropriate amount that then goes to the receiver’s account. The provider does not get the call fees directly as Skype Credit – rather, they go into a special holding “box”. The provider then receives the revenue via PayPal.”

More information can be found at:

Here is the interesting part: Jason Fischl, Cullen Jennings, Gyuchang Jun and myself have been working on a proposal for peer-to-peer payments for SIP for a couple of years already that looks pretty similar to the recently announced SkypePrime service. Please find the most recent IETF draft about SIP Payment here:

An overview article will soon be avaible.

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