Next Steps In Signaling

The GIST specification is working its way through the NSIS working group and is in WGLC (after it bounced back from the IESG).

So, what is NSIS? The NSIS working group is developing a follow-up specification of RSVP, a path-coupled signaling protocol*. It can be used for Quality of Service, NAT and Firewall signaling and other applications. An overview presentation is available based on an article in the IEEE Communications Magazine. Subsequently, we worked on a Overhead and Performance Study of the General Internet Signaling Transport (GIST) Protocol and slides are available here (the paper can be found here). 

*: Based on the extensibility of GIST other next-hop discovery procedures can be defined that do not correspond to the classical path-coupled signaling approach. Examples can be found with Robert’s draft and Martin’s document.

You still might have some questions like: Is path-coupled signaling (based on RSVP or NSIS) a useful concept at all? What is the future of dynamic QoS signaling?

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