SIP Location Conveyance about to get finished

SIP Location Conveyance is an important building block for SIP-based emergency services and for location-based services in general. In GEOPRIV terminolgy it is a using protocol that allows a PIDF-LO, an XML document carrying geodetic and civic location information to be exchanged. For the geodetic location information the work of the OGC with the Geography Markup Language (GML) is reused. The standardization of the civic location information was done in the IETF (first with DHCP-civic, then reused in RFC 4119 and currently being revised).

The WGLC of the SIP Location Conveyance document has, however, raised a number of issues. The complete list can be found at:

Keith Drage was so kind to scheule a first phone conference call with the review team members to discuss the resolution of the open issues. More phone conferences will follow.

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