6th Standards Development Organizations (SDO) Emergency Services Workshop, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – November 4th-5th 2009

Technological advancements, including the widespread adoption of voice over IP and location based services, can open up new ways for service providers to respond to emergency calls. As communication moves beyond voice and conventional text telephony, the emergency services of the future could create sessions of any media type negotiated between the caller and the Public Safety Answering Point, using SIP protocol mechanisms

Before this can become a reality, several issues have to be addressed. Will regulatory policies shift with the push for emergency services to be carried out over the Internet? And will common international standards be in place to ensure safe and reliable emergency communications that work anytime, anywhere?

The Asia Pacific Emergency Services workshop brings participants into the dialogue with world industry experts to examine the trends, policies and issues shaping emergency services.

Discuss the changing face of emergency services:

  • What forces and trends are shaping the emergency services of the future?
  • How do emergency communications work on the PSTN, cellular networks and on the Internet?
  • How are regulatory policies evolving with the shift to Internet communication?

Learn insights from industry experts:

  • What are standards groups doing to ensure safety and reliability for communication over the Internet?
  • Will a common international standard emerge?
  • What best practices can be learned from field trials and deployments in other countries?

Engage with international speakers and experts:

Catch this sixth installment in the Emergency Services Workshop series, debuting for the first time in Asia Pacific, and brought to you by Andrew Solutions, A CommScope Company. Be there to engage with regulators, network operators, VoIP providers, Internet service providers, standardization experts, researchers and emergency service providers.

About the Emergency Services Workshop:

The Emergency Services Workshop series is an ongoing effort in the emergency services community to coordinate global standards and technologies for emergency call and emergency notification. The primary focus of the workshop series is to foster coordination among the many standards development organizations involved in emergency services as they work toward a global solution for emergency communications using Internet technologies

More information can be found at http://www.emergency-services-coordination.info/esw6.html

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