8th Emergency Services Workshop (ESW8)

We are delighted to invite you to the 8th Emergency Services Workshop (ESW8). The ESW8, an international emergency service standards coordination group conference, will be held in Budapest on 13-15 April 2011.

This year, the event is hosted by EENA, the European Emergency Number Association, and it is integrated in the program of the EU Emergency Services Workshop that gathers emergency services, public authorities and industry representatives. This 3-day conference aims at fostering sharing of best practices between the relevant stakeholders.

The ESW8 is indicated as “Next Generation Emergency Services (ESW8)” in the program of the event. Participants are, however, welcome to attend the entire 3-day event. As usual, special attention will be paid to Next Generation, IP-based emergency calling, including:

  1. An introduction to Next-Generation emergency services intended to provide a basic understanding of IP-based emergency calling to public safety representatives
  2. A session on testing and deployment elements with a focus on some relevant projects and initiatives
  3. A discussion on standards aiming at coordinating between different specific efforts and standards development organizations (SDOs)

The workshop will welcome around 200 participants, including around 100 emergency services and public authorities’ representatives.

Since the number of attendees is limited, we invite you to register to the event as soon as possible.

More information about the workshop program and registration information please have a look at:

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