End-State Vision for Next Generation 911 (NENA i3) Published

On June 16th, NENA announced that its Executive Board formally approved an end-state architectural vision for Next Generation 9‑1‑1; along with a number of directives for additional Technical Development review. The document, commonly known as “i3”, lays out a detailed architecture for key elements of NG9‑1‑1 systems, describing how networks and devices will eventually work together to enable voice, text, picture, and data exchange between citizens and first responders.

The work on NENA i3 took years and work not only in NENA but also in other standards organizations.
View NENA press release here <http://www.nena.org/stories/technical/executive-board-approves-i3-standard>

The work uses a number of specifications from IETF, in particular from ECRIT and GEOPRIV. Examples include

  1. SIP
  2. Location Conveyance in SIP
  3. PIDF-LO Location Container
  4. Location formats (civic and geodetic)
  5. Location to Service Translation (LoST)
  6. Policies based on Geopriv Common Policy
  7. Location Configuration and Location Dereferencing protocols

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