IAB Privacy Update

A couple of privacy reviews have been conducted by the IAB during the last 6-9 months and they can be found here. Among these reviews is one on IPv6.

The purpose of these reviews was to determine what design decisions were made that had an impact to privacy and how privacy was considered during this process. The expectation was that this would help us to develop a set of recommendations.

This work lead to a new draft: draft-iab-privacy-considerations draft-iab-privacy-considerations-01.txt is now shorter  (examples got removed; background and scope description shortened) and contains new recommendations. In addition, draft-hansen-privacy-terminology was updated as well. Rhys Smith joined as a co-author and the feedback on the IETF-Privacy mailing list have been incorporated. The document is also shorter and provides a better motivation and background. It introduces a common vocabulary to talk about anonymity, unlinkability, unobservability, and pseudonymity.

If you have read previous versions of the privacy terminology or the privacy consideration document please re-read them. They both have gotten a major update!

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