IPv6 Privacy

Tara Whalen and I recently gave a talk to the International Working Group on Data Protection in Telecommunications (IWGDPT) about IPv6 privacy. The slides are available here.

With the increasing IPv6 deployment the concerns about potential privacy problems re-surface again. In the presentation we tried to highlight two aspects:

  1. It is very important to describe the threat model (and there are various aspects one can be worried about).
  2. The focus on the MAC-generated IPv6 interface identifier is not the only aspect to look at when dealing with address privacy. The question of IPv6 privacy is more complicated.

I often hear IPv6 privacy concerns in Internet governance meetings and I wish that the discussions could be a bit more focused.

To provide some data about what is implemented and deployed we suggest to start a survey. The current survey proposal writeup is available here:

(It has not yet been distributed yet.)

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