Privacy and Security in IPv6-based Deployments

Today I gave a talk at the 2nd International Conference on Mobile Internet Architecture Evolution of Post-LTE (MIRACLE 2011) workshop in Beijing, China.

Here are my slides.

In my talk I asked the audience about what can be done to help others to design Internet Protocol-based architectures. I look at the guidance that the IETF and the IAB provides in their documents and asked the audience whether those are sufficient.

I ran into that question when I recently was invited to the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in their attempt to standardize a smart metering architecture. When I looked at their specification I was shocked about the lack of understanding of what is needed to come up with an interoperable specification.

The IETF standardizes building blocks as well as architectures. For me there is no doubt that more and more efforts will be started to develop Internet protocol profiles outside the IETF and it would help to give them some tools in their hands to-do their job properly.

Feedback on the slides appreciated. (I am also working on a draft on that topic.)

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