What’s wrong with the Internet?

Listening to a talk at the 2nd International Conference on Mobile Internet Architecture Evolution of Post-LTE (MIRACLE 2011) conference  one of the speakers complain about 7 challenges with the Internet. In addition to these Internet problems he says that IP has not changed for such a long time. He concludes that a new, Future Internet, is needed.

Here are the challenges he observes:

  1. Mobility is limited.
  2. QoS is difficult to guarantee.
  3. Scalability pressure.
  4. Address Depletion.
  5. Optimized integration insufficient.
  6. Energy consumption.
  7. Security weakness.

I have heard many of these talks before and so I know the story line already. I would feel so much better if presenters could make a differentiation between lack of technical work and current deployment situation. They often want to define new technical standards but the problems are actually with the deployment. As an example, if there is a problem with getting mobility protocols deployed then why should a new protocol change that? The same goes for QoS protocols, etc.

Can someone explain me the reasoning here?

1 thought on “What’s wrong with the Internet?

  1. Most of these research directions are complete violations of the layering model and end-to-end principle that has made the Internet successful. While it is interesting to design and implement cross-layer optimization or RSVP-style QoS, deployment would require new interfaces between applications and the network to be universally available. Also, such work needs to address the case where the application is one or more hops remote from the link being “optimized.”

    As for mobility, the network should get out of the way when it comes to global mobility management, and let end hosts and applications deal with it in their own way (if it is needed at all).

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