ISOC@IETF 83: OpenID and OAuth Panel

ISOC regularly organizes panels at IETF meetings (and elsewhere). At the upcoming IETF 83 meeting there will be a panel on Tuesday, 27 March, 11:45am-12:45pm (local time). The topic is Authentication and Authorization: Next steps for OpenID and OAuth

As the IETF-developed OAuth nears draft standard status, and with the recent publication of the OpenID Connect 1.0 draft, now is a good opportunity to look ahead at what’s next for both. This panel of experts will discuss the path ahead for deployments of OAuth and OpenID Connect, as well as their intersection with other standards. The panel will also discuss some of the potential challenges in deployment related to issues currently in the news, such as informed consent, privacy, and data correlation.


  • Lucy Lynch, Internet Society


  • John Bradley
  • Harry Halpin, W3C
  • Mike Jones, Microsoft
  • RL Bob Morgan, University of Washington
  • Hannes Tschofenig, Nokia Siemens Networks

Additional information is available at:

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