OAuth Events during IETF#83

There are a couple of OAuth events going on this week. Here is a list:

  • Sunday:

OpenID Connect Workshop

  • Tuesday:

ISOC lunch event with the title “Authentication and
Authorization: Next steps for OpenID and OAuth”

OMA IETF MIF API Workshop (18:10-20:00, room 212/213)


  • Thursday:

Harry’s lunch event with the title “Beyond HTTP
Authentication: OAuth, OpenID, and BrowserID”

OAuth working group meeting

In addition to these events there are related activities you may also
find useful, such as

  • WEBSEC WG meeting on Monday afternoon
  • IAB Technical Plenary on Monday evening about “Implementation Challenges with Browser Security”
  •  JOSE WG meeting on Tuesday (for the JSON specs)
  •  KITTEN WG meeting on Tuesday (SASL OAuth stuff)
  •  Simple Cloud Identity Management (SCIM) BOF on Thursday
  •  RTCWEB WG meeting on Wednesday/Thursday

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