EENA publishes Next Generation 112 Long Term Definition standard for emergency services

You may have seen the press release about the publication of the European Next Generation 112 Long Term Definition standard (“NG112 LTD”) flying around last week. The publication of the NG112 LTD document was a big success for us from the EENA NG112 Technical Committee, who had been working on emergency services for such a long time.

Here is the document that covers a wide range of next generation emergency services features for an IP-based PSAP architecture.

With 258 pages the NG112 LTD was certainly a lot of work. Describing the functionality in clear and precise terms so that even those who are new to emergency services can understand it requires some additional pages.

Luckily, we knew about the ongoing global developments since many of us are involved in various standards developing organizations, such as IETF, 3GPP, ETSI, NENA, and many other groups. Those familiar with the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and in particular with the NENA i3 work will recognize many common aspects. By re-using the best available standards we were able to accomplish the work on this document in a reasonable time-frame.

I am looking forward to meet many of you from the emergency services community at the EU Emergency Services Workshop 2012 in Riga this week where this work will be presented and discussed. If you look at the agenda of the meeting you will notice that Helmut Wittmann, Cristina Lumbreras, and myself will also give a detailed talk about this new standard.

Thanks to the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) for organizing these community gathering event.


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