Smart Objects Architecture

Jari Arkko, Cullen Jennings, Carsten Bormann, myself and several other IETF folks organized two workshops on smart object related technology: the first workshop was attached to the Prague IETF meeting (March 2011), and the second workshop was attached to the Paris IETF meeting this spring.

With both workshops we asked the wider IETF community for position papers. We worked on our own papers but we received many more from the community.

Monday, July 9th, I have submitted a new document co-authored by Jari Arkko, Dave Thaler, Danny McPherson, and myself about our thoughts on the architecture of smart objects. The document currently reflects our views but we hope that the document will become an IAB publication.

Here you can find the writeup:

You should have a look at the document if you are working on smart object designs. If you happen to work on the ETSI M2M standardization effort or similar activities then the draft also tells you why you will be unsuccessful. So, worthwhile to take a look at it. It may prevent you from wasting years of your valuable life.

In case you have no time at all then just keep the basic message in mind:

  • Re-use Internet protocols
  • The deployed Internet matters.
  • Decide about the level of interoperability you want.
  • Don't optimize too early.


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