A Guide to Make your Research Less Successful

I got invited to speak at the Tivit Future Internet pre-conference, which took place end of May in Helsinki, Finland.

I agreed to give a presentation and the agenda for the event can be found at http://www.futureinternet.fi/seminar_2012.htm. Of course I agreed before I decided what I would actually talk about. This was the first time I spoke at this specific Tivit Future Internet conference / workshop. Since I had been exposed to future Internet research quite a bit mostly through my work in the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) I was convinced that I am able to come up with a topic relevant to the audience.

Jonne Soininen, my former boss, and Markus Isomäki, my co-worker from Nokia, were on the same panel with me. Jonne spoke about Internet Governance and Markus presented success and failure examples from the Internet standardization. Both talks are worthwhile to look at.

In any case, I thought I should give a high level speech and since most of the participants will be from the research community I picked a topic that is also of interest to myself, namely the failure of research (in the computer science industry). Of course, research is always risky but I think lots of the research I have seen about future Internet is somewhat messed up.

I tried to brainstorm about the reasons and the slide deck below shares my thoughts. Note that the talk does not speak about how to improve research since that’s a much tougher topic.

Here is the slide set for download, in case the slide show below does not work, and there is also a video available.

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