Privacy Features in IPv6 Stacks of Smart Objects & Internet of Things

The Internet Architecture Board is working on a document about ‘Privacy Considerations for Internet Protocols’. The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for engineers with a focus on privacy. It is therefore similar to the guidance engineers have been using for a long time in the area of security.

As we were working on these guidelines we had looked at various IETF protocols to evaluate what decision making impacted privacy. We also looked at IPv6. Looking at the available specifications is important.

In order to better understand the implementation status of IPv6 privacy mechanisms in operating system stacks, those familiar with OS IPv6 implementations are asked to complete a short survey.

The survey responses will be used in a detailed write-up on IPv6 privacy; privacy reviews of other IETF protocols are available here.

To our surprise, we had gotten very little feedback from the embedded systems and Internet of Things community. I have always been under the impression that specifically those  deployments will have to rely on IPv6 (due to the large number of devices). For this reason we would be very interested in the functionality implemented by those devices.

Since smart object and Internet of Things implementations are more constrained we expect that you will find that some of the questions are not applicable to you. Please ignore those.

Please send responses to For questions use the same address.

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