Internet of Things (IoT) Crypto Performance Investigation

Earlier this year I presented some performance results to the IETF LWIG working group. Here is the slide deck I presented to the community.

The slides are also available for download.

The idea of my presentation at the Dallas IETF meeting was to get others to enhance the performance investigations to gain a better idea of what can be expected when using state-of-the-art crypto in IETF protocols as part of their IoT platform. The results could be summarized in an IETF draft, such as in the IETF TLS minimal draft of the LWIG group.

Subsequently, I also worked with my co-worker Manuel on a submission to the NIST lightweight cryptography workshop where we summarized our work. The submission summarizes the main findings.

The paper is also available for download.

It turns out to be difficult to find someone who is interested in doing some performance analysis.

Here is what I believe we need:

  • Verification of the existing results.
  • More data from other crypto libraries (or even DTLS/TLS stacks).
  • Tests run on other hardware platforms (such as the Cortex M7).
  • Tests beyond performance, such as RAM usage, flash size, etc.
  • Tests that focus on other algorithms.

If you are interested in this topic and would like to contribute to the work please drop me an email (Hannes.Tschofenig AT or via Skype (HannesTschofenig). I am also happy to take a look at prior work you did.

I am convinced it is useful for many engineers and researchers to know how fast the currently available algorithms are on modern IoT hardware.

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