OMA LWM2M Tutorial

Last week Simon Lemay and I gave a tutorial about the Lightweight Machine-to-Machine (LWM2M) standard developed by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) to participants from the IETF ACE working group.

LWM2M offers several features that are relevant for Internet of Things security and also for the work in the IETF ACE working group, such as

  • Software Updates
  • Distribution of keys and access control policies (during a process called bootstrapping in the specification)
  • Remote Device and Application Configuration
  • Diagnostics

In summary, LWM2M is a device lifecycle management solution that builds on IETF protocols designed to be lightweight, such as CoAP, various CoAP extensions (such as Resource Directory), and DTLS.

Our slide deck should give you an idea what we have been talking about.

You can also download the PPTX version of the slide from here.

We also recorded the webinar and you can find it here. (The recording was done using Cisco’s Webex and the video was then converted to MP4 using the Cisco provided Network Recording Player.)

The OMA LWM2M specification has been around for a while and therefore various testfests (i.e., interoperability events) have been held already. Another one is coming next month — more information can be found at

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