Internet of Things Software Update Workshop (IoTSU)

We are organizing another workshop on Internet of Things related matters. This time we will talk about the importance of software / firmware updates.


We are seeking input on this topic via the workshop. The workshop webpage also provides examples for topics, such as:

  • Protocol mechanisms for distributing software updates: What protocols mechanisms are available for distributing firmware updates? Do these protocols meet the needs?
  • What security mechanisms should be used for protecting software updates? What is the experience with those?
  • What meta-data about software / firmware packages should be provided? Is there a best current practice?
  • What are the implications of operating system and hardware design on the software update mechanisms? Are there new requirements that need to be taken into account with the increasing deployment of microcontrollers? Do high-level languages on these microntrollers change the way we will do software updates in the future?
  • How are software updates different on devices that provide hardware security (such as Trusted Execution Environments)? Can we make software updates on these devices easier for developers?
  • What are the privacy implications of software update mechanisms?
  • What are the implications of device ownership and control for software update?

We are looking for input on state-of-the-art techniques as well as requirements and ideas for future work.

With your contributions this will become an interesting workshop. Please submit your position paper by 20th May 2016 and we will see each other in Dublin on the 13th and 14th of June, 2016.

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