Arm TechCon 2018, Arm Research Summit, and other speaking opportunities.

I will give two talks at Arm TechCon 2018, see Arm TechCon brings together thousands of engineers, architects, developers and product designer of leading companies in the embedded industry.

First, I will focus on the new TLS and DTLS 1.3 specifications and the implementation I have been working on. Second, I will introduce the new IoT security benchmark, called SecureMark-TLS, developed within the benchmarking organization EEMBC. I have the honor to do the second talk together with Peter Torelli, the president of EEMBC.

In addition to Arm TechCon I will be speaking at the Arm Research Summit, see, in a webinar organized by our Keil team, seeĀ, and also at the NIS Summer School, seeĀ

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