Mbed Connect 2018: Summary

I attended Mbed Connect 2018 in San Jose and talked about the role of standards for IoT security. My co-worker Jan Jongboom provided a nice summary in this blog post “It’s a wrap: Mbed Connect US 2018 is done”. I stayed there for the entire event and was surprised about the large number of participants at the hands-on workshop. It is great to see so many developers coming to these events. As someone who likes to play with hardware I was fortunate enough to get hold of the new Nuvoton M2351 board and later at Arm TechCon I spoke with folks from ST Microelectronics and I will now receive a STM32L562 board. Both boards contain MCUs supporting the Arm v8-M architecture. Since I am trying to improve security of Internet of Things devices it is great to see more and more chip vendors offering low end MCUs that are developed with IoT security in mind. Only a few years ago it was difficult to find microcontrollers that offered a hardware-based random number generator, enough RAM for doing public key crypto, and hardware-based crypto support (SHA256, AES, and even ECDSA). Previously one had to use a dedicated crypto chip, which was both expensive and difficult to integrate into the rest of the software stack. Often the vendors required you to sign an NDA to get the documentation and the SDK for using the crypto functionality. Now, things have changed. That’s great news. With the availability of TrustZone suport for Cortex M MCUs I expect to see a substantial increase in security for IoT devices.

Anyway, here are two videos recording during the event. They explain a little bit of what I was talking about at Mbed Connect and at Arm TechCon:

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