Upcoming Event: OAuth Security Workshop

OAuth 2.0 has been around for several years now and I have always been interested to reach out to the wider industry for more feedback about the standardization work.

This interest for feedback has led to several workshops and the 4th OAuth Security Workshop (OSW 2019) will take place in Stuttgart/Germany, March 20–22.

Everyone is welcome at the workshop and you can register via the main workshop website. Please also think about contributing and we are looking for three types of contributions, namely

  • tutorials,
  • sessions that highlight challenges and lessons-learned from OAuth-based work, and
  • a unconference-style discussions.

Tutorials are at most 3 hours long while speakers for regular sessions get about 25 minutes to share their experience. Note that previous OAuth Security Workshops have been discussion-heavy.

If you have experience with OAuth, ideas for new use cases for OAuth, analysed the security of OAuth and OAuth extensions, or worked on Internet of Things security solutions that make use of OAuth please consider attending this workshop.

If you are uncertain whether your talk fits the scope of the workshop either contact the workshop organizers, or look at the programs of earlier OAuth security workshops.

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