Feedback solicited for Privacy and Identity Management Terminology

We have recently submitted a new version of the privacy and identity management terminology document: The full document titel is “Terminology for Talking about Privacy by Data Minimization: Anonymity, Unlinkability, Undetectability, Unobservability, Pseudonymity, and Identity Management” and here is the abstract: This document is an attempt to consolidate terminology

ATOCA Working Group Created

With the recent announcement on the mailing list the ATOCA working group has now finally been created: Scott Bradner <> and Martin Thomson <> will lead the working group. The milestones of the groups are: Jan 2011 Submit “Terminology and Framework” to the IESG for publication as Informational Apr

Key Assurance With DNSSec

A new mailing list has been created for the discussion about key assurance with DNSSec List address: Archive: To subscribe: Description: This list is for discussion relating to using DNSSEC-protected DNS queries to get greater assurance for keys and certificates that are passed in existing IETF protocols.

HASMAT Pre-BOF Conference Call

Here are the conference call details for the HASMAT pre-BOF conference call: Date: Wed 14-July Time: 9am PDT (for ~1 hour) Webex bridge details: Bridge Nr: +1-866-469-3239 Meeting Number: 491 333 963 Webex link: Meeting Password: Maastricht Details:

BOF on HTTP Application Security Minus Authentication and Transport (HASMAT)

I would like to remind you about the upcoming BOF on HTTP Application Security Minus Authentication and Transport (HASMAT). The mailing list can be found here ( and the charter text writeup is here ( For those who have not closely followed the topic we will have a pre-BOF conference