Real-time Steganography with RTP

Dan Wing posted an interesting article to the VOIPSEC mailing list.  The paper is available here: Abstract: Real-time Transfer Protocol (RTP) is used by nearly all Voice-over-IP systems to provide the audio channel for calls.  As such, it provides ample opportunity for the creation of a covert communication channel

VoIP Security

Dan Wing recently found a nice paper on VoIP security. The authors look at the security of SDES, MIKEY and ZRTP. There is also a formal analysis based on the AVISPA tools available with the paper. My co-workers participated in the AVISPA project and hence I have used it by

Germany floats Trojan for terror suspects

In Germany we currently have interesting discussions ongoing about ideas from the government, particularly from Mr. Wolfgang Schäuble, to install malware on PCs of suspects. The introduction of an article in “The Register” says: German politicians have defended plans to email Trojan horse software to terror suspects in the hopes of monitoring their


Aaron Falk has recently posted a mail regarding the GENI work to the IETF announcement mailing list. This could be of interest for you if you are excited about work and projects on “future Internet architectures”. Here is his mail and the main info is below: There is a mailing


Most of you have heard that Skype had some problems. Dan York posted a couple of nice blog entries on this subject, see “Skype… disrupted. Skype login possibly down for 12-24 hours…“, “More Skype outage coverage… (cue It’s the End of the World As We Know It!)“, “Skype outage appears

Germany’s new antihacking law: Bad for security?

I found this article quite intereting: In short, as of Saturday, it’s a crime in Germany to build, sell, distribute or obtain so-called “hacking tools” designed to allow access to protected data or promote other illegal acts. Penalties include prison sentences of up to 10 years and fines.

Policy Languages Interest Group Charter

Scope of the proposed W3C Interest Group The Policy Languages Interest Group is designed as a forum to support researchers, developers, solution providers, and users of policy languages such as XACML (eXtensible Access Control Markup Language), the IETF’s Common Policy framework and related work, and P3P (W3C’s Platform for Privacy