ATOCA Working Group Created

With the recent announcement on the mailing list the ATOCA working group has now finally been created: Scott Bradner <> and Martin Thomson <> will lead the working group. The milestones of the groups are: Jan 2011 Submit “Terminology and Framework” to the IESG for publication as Informational Apr

Authority to Citizen Alert (ATOCA)

At the IETF#77 meeting today we had quite constructive discussion about the Authority to Citizen Alert (ATOCA) BOF-follow up. We focused our discussion on the charter text and you can find the updated text here: You can provide your comments by joining the mailing list, see I

6th Standards Development Organizations (SDO) Emergency Services Workshop, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – November 4th-5th 2009

Technological advancements, including the widespread adoption of voice over IP and location based services, can open up new ways for service providers to respond to emergency calls. As communication moves beyond voice and conventional text telephony, the emergency services of the future could create sessions of any media type negotiated