SIP Location Conveyance about to get finished

SIP Location Conveyance is an important building block for SIP-based emergency services and for location-based services in general. In GEOPRIV terminolgy it is a using protocol that allows a PIDF-LO, an XML document carrying geodetic and civic location information to be exchanged. For the geodetic location information the work of

Next Steps In Signaling

The GIST specification is working its way through the NSIS working group and is in WGLC (after it bounced back from the IESG). So, what is NSIS? The NSIS working group is developing a follow-up specification of RSVP, a path-coupled signaling protocol*. It can be used for Quality of Service, NAT

News from the GEOPRIV Front

A lot has happened this year in the IETF GEOPRIV working group. As posted, see, a lot of progress was made at the IETF#68 meeting itself. The discussions are currently being confirmed, see , Then, a posting by Randy indicating that there were a few irregularities with the IETF#68 GEOPRIV meeting

Geopriv Architecture

Last October I attended the W3C privacy workshop and contributed a paper and gave an overview presentation of the IETF GEOPRIV architecture. The document might be helpful for people working on location-based services (where privacy plays a role). Note that some details might not be correct anymore since we updated the Geolocation

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