NetCri Workshop 2007

I am currently at the “The First International Workshop on Research Challenges in Next Generation Networks for First Responders and Critical Infrastructures” workshop This workshop is co-located with the “2nd International Swarm Intelligence & Other Forms of Malware” (Malware 2007) workshop

MobiArch 2006

In a discussion today I remember the MobiArch 2006 workshop where a number of IETF people gave presentations about their work. I particularly liked the Adhoc Networking presentation by Charles Perkins and the User Mobility in IEEE 802.11 Networks presentation by Henning Schulzrinne. The latter one points to problems with IEEE 802.11

Progress in GEOPRIV

A number of decisions have been made during yesterdays GEOPRIV working group meeting with Henning Schulzrinne and Jon Peterson chairing the meeting. I was not able to participate but here is a short summary: Hum 1: In favor of doing both types of subscriptions: with a URI (direct) and with

Thesis about EAP Methods

I was the thesis supervisor of Thomas Otto. The thesis is available at Thomas writes: ” It might serve as survey of EAP and EAP methods and as a snapshot of their development in mid 2006. In summary, the thesis deals with EAP EAP methods selected applications of EAP

NIST SP 500-267 profile for IPv6 in the U.S. Government

For IPsec friends the following document might be intersting. It defines profiles for devices. A request for review can be found here: The actual document is available here: The IETF#68 SAAG meeting slides can be found here: