IEEE International Symposium on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks (POLICY 2009)

FYI; this workshop was announced on the W3C PLING mailing list. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION 20-22 July 2009 Imperial College London, UK The symposium brings together researchers and practitioners working on policy-based systems across a range of application areas including policy-based networking, privacy and security management, storage area networking, and

Key Management

The OASIS cover pages provide an overview of a number of key management approaches in light of their recently announced key management initiative KMIP. The protocols mentioned there are: ANSI X9 Financial Industry Standards DMTF Security Modeling Working Group IEEE P1619.3 Security in Storage Working Group (SISWG), Key Management IETF

Slides from the 5th Emergency Services Workshop

Folks might be interested in the slides from the emergency services workshop that took place in Vienna about 2 weeks ago. The direct link to the slides can be found here: but you can also find them via the workshop page at: Note that I have also added

IEEE P1916.3 Overview

Recently, Luther Martin wrote a short article about “Key Management Infrastructure for Protecting Stored Data” pointing to the ongoing efforts in the IEEE P1916.3 group on key management. The IETF KEYPROV working group is in contact with them regarding DSKPP, PSKC and the ASN.1 based key container.

Next Steps In Signaling

The GIST specification is working its way through the NSIS working group and is in WGLC (after it bounced back from the IESG). So, what is NSIS? The NSIS working group is developing a follow-up specification of RSVP, a path-coupled signaling protocol*. It can be used for Quality of Service, NAT