4th OAuth Security Workshop – Registration now open!

The registration for the 4th OAuth Security Workshop (March 20-22, Stuttgart) is now open. As usual, the workshop will feature interesting talks and discussions around OAuth, OpenID Connect, and related standards and technologies. This time, we also aim to offer tutorials on the morning of the first day and an

Testing Internet of Things crypto performance and power consumption

With the release of the SecureMark-TLS benchmark by the Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium (EEMBC) last year, it is now possible to gather information about the performance and power consumption of typically-used cryptographic functions on M-class microcontrollers (MCUs). This benchmark was developed in response to developers’ need to answer questions like “How long

Webinar about the Kantara User-Managed Access (UMA) working group to the IETF ACE Working Group

[UPDATED: 14. January 2015] Early 2014 we organized a couple of webinars to hear about technologies that allowed to provide authentication of Internet of Things devices and to control access to resources. We learned more about OAuth, Kerberos, and the PKI/certificate model and all talks have been recorded and can be found