SPAM for Internet Telephony (SPIT) BOF

There might be a BOF on SPAM for Internet Telephony (SPIT) at the Chicago IETF meeting. Here are some of the documents I have been working on: Anti-SPIT : A Document Format for Expressing Anti-SPIT Authorization Policies Authorization Policies for Preventing SPIT SPAM for Internet Telephony (SPIT) Prevention using the

A Plan for Media Security Work

Cullen Jennings recently posted his plan how to move forward with media security work. In short, the following groups are affected: TLS: modifications that may be required to DTLS to allow DTLS to generate the keys for SRTP AVT: how DTLS is used to key SRTP MMUSIC: scheme for transporting

IETF Emergency Services Walkthrough

Emergency Services Documents in the IETF This post describes a typical emergency service message exchange with references to the current IETF documents. The description focuses on the proxy recognition and proxy resolution exchange. The following figure shows the architecture and message flow being discussed: The interaction starts in this case

Interoperability Tests

There was recently an interesting posting by Robert Sparks about the SIPit 20 interoperabilty tests. This caused Dan York to post a note in his weblog. In the IETF on the work of Diameter (in DIME) we also organized two interop events that revealed some problems with the availability of

Diameter Test Suites

We have just recently resubmitted the Diameter test suites: Diameter Base Protocol Interoperability Test Suite Diameter Credit Control Interoperability Test Suite Diameter Applications Interoperability Test Suite We used them for the interop testing in Mt. Laurel, NJ (2006) and Orlando (2007).

UK OFCOM – Regulation of VoIP Services

Richard noticed that OFCOM has released their VoIP regulatory statement. Here is his weblog entry: UK Ofcom released on 29 March 2007 the Regulation of VoIP Services (Statement and publication of statutory notifications under section 48(1) of the Communications Act 2003 modifying General Conditions 14 and 18). A summary can

Italian Phone Taps Spur Encryption Use

Here is a quote from This article in the NYTimes discusses how a recent rash of high-profile mobile phone taps in Italy is spurring a rush toward software-encrypted phone conversations. Private conversations have been tapped and subsequently leaked to the media and have resulted in disclosures of sensitive takeover

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